#The Dryad Collection

A dryad is a forest nymph, a magical creature which is tragically killed by what she’s born to protect: her tree. When it’s born, she arises, when the tree dies, she disappears with it. It’s only natural that such a pure, feminine creature can only be found far away from the agitated and lust filled big city life, in a peaceful, far away forest. The dryad’s beauty makes her seem a temptress and her attire otherworldly. The clothes she chooses are comfortable but refined and they make her seem one with the scenery. Pieces that are made from golden coated canvas and slicker, with playful accents of ecological fur adorn her figure, giving the wood fae a dreamy, feminine flair. The oversized geometrical structures, laces and the contrasting fabric insertions reveal her playful nature and are key elements in the dryad’s garments.

TEXT: Patricia Luiza Blaj

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About Flore Diana

Flore Diana is yet another talent of which UAD (University of Arts and Design Cluj Napoca) can be proud of. She studied fashion design and in 2010 Diana earned her Bachelor's degree and debuted with the "Black Tales" collection, followed by her Master's degree and the "Repressed Memory" collection in 2012. "Sick Love", Flore's fourth collection, brought along a rebranding for the young designer's business: the philosophy of the rose. Her logo also took the shape of the thorny flower. A lot of people assumed that the rose was in relation with the designer's name, but the change was actually inspired by something we are all attached to: childhood memories.

Diana's grandparents used to have a garden filled with roses and in each summer they'd present their beloved granddaughter the new species they'd grown. Looking back, the most beautiful has always been the pastel pink one, rose from which her grandmother used to make jam. She started her styling career, along with Raluca Popa, Carmen Chereches and Florina Farcas, working for The National Pop Music Festival of Mamaia (Festivalul National de Muzica Usoara Mamaia) for two years in a row. Coordinated by Liana Martin, the four girls styled renowned artists' stage outfits. Two other pillars on which she could rely throughout her career were professor Elena Basso Stanescu together with graduate assistant and acclaimed fashion designer Lucian Broscatean.

All the support made it easier to create, together with Raluca Popa, Carmen Chereches, Ivascu Alexandra and Florina Farcas, the M17 Designers platform. Her biggest styling project took place during the third season of X Factor Romania, in which, together with acclaimed stylist Catalin Enache, she was responsible not only for the contestants' outfits, but also for the jury's and the announcers' to be impeccable. Since 2015, Diana Flore is part of the creative team behind the Irina Schrotter brand, together with Lucian Broscatean and Carmen Chereches. Schrotter's last collection (Spring/Summer 2016) was presented on the Vienna MQ Fashion Week's runway.

TEXT: Patrica Luiza Blaj