#IScream Collection


“I love you more than ice cream

But I went uncontrolled.

I chopped you into pieces

Such beauty to behold.

I love you more than ice cream

Lies here will not be told.

You do not give me brain-freeze

You're something to behold.”

Inspired by intimate relationships, the #IScream collection wishes to express the constant rush and struggle of finding true, perfect love. There are five prints found adorning the collection's pieces, each suggesting the steps in a relationship: from the first butterflies to the bitter breakup. Each step has a name, expressed with a hashtag: #hello, #like, #love, #lost and #goodbye. The whole concept is based on the multitude of feelings a person goes through the moment they fall in love. The mix between the rose's warm romance and the ice cream's calculated, cold pragmatism comes to life with the help of mixed fabrics like slicker, veil, denim and lacquered leather.

TEXT: Iuhas Emanuel


Designer: Flore Diana

Photo: Emil Costrut

Video: Sebastian Florea

Sound: Lights Out

Model: Fica Balancan

Hair & MUA: Carmen Burci / Loredana Lupea

Shoes: H&M

Text: Emanuel Iuhas