The Dryad AW/15


“But the heart that is stolen by a wood-nymph
Is never returned:
For his soul longs for the moonlight dreams”

A dryad is a forest nymph, a magical creature which is tragically killed by what she’s born to protect: her tree. When it’s born, she arises, when the tree dies, she disappears with it. It’s only natural that such a pure, feminine creature can only be found far away from the agitated and lust filled big city life, in a peaceful, far away forest. The dryad’s beauty makes her seem a temptress and her attire otherworldly. The clothes she chooses are comfortable but refined and they make her seem one with the scenery. Pieces that are made from golden coated canvas and slicker, with playful accents of ecological fur adorn her figure, giving the wood fae a dreamy, feminine flair. The oversized geometrical structures, laces and the contrasting fabric insertions reveal her playful nature and are key elements in the dryad’s garments.

TEXT: Patricia Luiza Blaj


Designer: Flore Diana

Video: Emil Costrut

Sound: Tep No